Best New Product 2020

Evielab pearls were voted best new products at the CBD Awards 2020.

Natural CBD

CBD Evielab pearls are guaranteed GMO-free / solvent-free.

THC Free

The CBD Evielab is certified 0% THC with a quantity of 70 pearls per tube.

CBD pearls of the new Evie Lab range

Make the best of your day

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What is Evielab CBD?


Pearls is the official distributor of CBD Evielab pearls in France and Benelux.

Composed of a team of passionate people, Pearls is above all a human adventure. Logistics, customer service, communication, we are available for any information concerning Evielab cannabidiol capsules.

Our teams speak French and English.

Pearls, the N°1 online CBD shop for CBD pearls.


A CBD pearl adapted to each moment of your day. It allows you to optimise your sleep, to manage your stress, to improve your recovery after effort, to relieve your pains, to concentrate or simply to relax and unwind. This patented pearl, allows an exact dose of CBD isolat. Thus, you know that each micro pearl has 5mg of cannabinoids (CBD isolate, CBG, terpenes) and can control its dosage with precision (unlike flowers, oil, or foods that do not allow a precise dosage of CBD consumption). Cannabidiol formulations contain no GMOs, solvents or additives (including sugar).

The origin of cannabidiol pearls is strictly controlled. The traceability and quality of the hemp used allows for superior bioavailability proven by laboratory tests. It is made from organically grown hemp in the United States, and more precisely in California, the cradle of hemp made in USA. 

The entire manufacturing process is carried out in a white room to guarantee maximum quality of the finished product (CBD isolat). Not only do these laboratories comply with regulatory standards but the air is also filtered on site. 

Sold in a bottle called a stick dispenser, the transport of this product is also revolutionary. Indeed, where smoking is forbidden and carrying oil and liquid is tricky, the CBD capsule is an innovative, convenient and ergonomic solution.

Each stick dispenser contains precisely 70 pearls. CBD pearls do not contain THC. According to your needs, Evielab has designed a range of products adapted and studied for an optimal effect. Whether you are looking for a natural sleeping sedative, a natural anti-inflammatory, a concentration aid, an aphrodisiac dietary supplement, an immune stimulant, a sports recovery product or a natural pain reliever, cannabidiol pearl can be the solution. 

Depending on the product in the range (Relax, Pure, Sport, Immunity, Relief, Focus, Sleep, Intimacy) cannabidiol pearls contain natural terpenes, CBG and CBD.

Specialist in CBD micro pearl, Pearls Paris does not offer CBD oil, CBD flowers, CBD hemp infusion or any other CBD-based product that is not in the form of pearls.


Pearls is an online cbd shop hosted and based in France. We do not have a physical shop and the sale of cannabidiol is exclusively online.


By ordering on Pearls, you are choosing the CBD shop specially selected by the American pearl firm of CBD. Based in France, we offer fast and tracked delivery, 100% secure payment, as well as strict compliance with the European regulation on the use of personal data (GPDR).

Our logistics team takes care to pack your CBD pearls with care. Our packages are neutral without any mention of "CBD".


The CBD offered on Pearls is legal and complies with the laws and regulations in force in France and in the European Union. Indeed, the CBD is not classified as narcotic in France. CBD pearls do not contain THC.

The team of Pearls also reminds that cannabidiol is not a drug and that it is not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease.

doser stick Evielab CBD

Recommended usage for 2 weeks.


Twist a quarter to obtain one pearl.


The same dose every time.


Receiver cap to avoid fingers contact.

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